The REMLIVE RL4 unit provides the user with a visual warning for the presence of electricity above 24 volts between any two connections. It is a three phase and single phase device, designed to fit easily inside a control panel and is installed on Din Rail and wired in minutes. The three phase LED’s at the top of the device assist with fault finding and enable at a glance to see that all phases are working correctly. These LED’s will display Yellow on AC voltages and Red and Green on DC voltages. It has two sets of three LED’s at either end which flash to attract attention when opening a control panel door or to maintain concentration if testing live. Managing your safety effectively.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Range 24 – 700vac, 24 – 1,000vdc
Current (voltage dependent) 5mA max
Material; Polycarbonate - V0
Approvals CE
Mounting DIN rail - top hat
Dimensions Width 141.5mm, Height 57mm, Depth 23.5mm
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