REMLIVE RL-24i Isolator Check

The REMLIVE RL-24i Isolator Check unit provides the user with a positive check when isolating plant and provides electrical isolation between the Din rail unit and the door mounted display unit. The door unit is designed to fit through the front of a control panel or switch and was developed so the user can see a live/isolation status. The device is able to monitor any voltages above 24 volts between neutral and earth even after phase isolation. The unit is maintenance free and can be fitted to new or existing control panels for additional safety, speeding up fault finding and leading to greater productivity and safety on site. Make your workplace safer.

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Technical Specifications

Voltage Range 24 – 1,000 vac (50 / 60 Hz), 26 – 1,000vdc
Current (voltage dependent) 10mA max
Material Plastic -V0 rated
Approvals CE
Mounting: Panel unit Din Rail
Mounting: Door/Flange unit 30.5mm ratcheted body with locknut and washer
Mounting: Din Rail unit to Door/Flange unit Connection RJ45 cable operating at 3.9 volts DC
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